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The Local Music Is Lacking Promotion Strategy – Diva Lillian Mbabazi

by Andrew Shyaka
11:08 pm

Lilian Mbabazi and Dunda host Shyne

Afro fusion singer Lillian Mbabazi based in Uganda advised local artists to blush on their promotion strategies to make Rwandan music shine across the region.

The Ndabivuze hit maker has been in entertainment industry since 2003 and believes Rwandan artistes are doing great musically but still lag behind when it comes to music promotion.

Speaking live at KT Radio’s evening program Dunda, Lillian Mbabazi warned local musicians to work hard and get ways of promoting their music beyond Rwanda.

“Rwandan artists are great at what they do but they need to focus on promotion strategies to make their music trade on regional markets because good vocals aren’t enough in terms of making money,” says Lillian Mbabazi

The singer also appreciated working with Rwandan artists like Yvan Buravan, Mani Martin and loves Bruce Melody’s songs.

Mbabazi is in Rwanda to headline Ubumuntu pre show dubbed Ikaze night which is slated to take place on 11th July and she will share stage with various artists from Rwanda, Netherlands and DRC.

Born Rwandan in 1984 in Uganda, Lillian Mbabazi returned to Rwanda in 1994 with parents.

She enrolled at Kigali International Academy for high school and later went back to Uganda to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social sciences.