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Nothing Can Stop Me from Talking to My Ex – Oda Paccy

by Andrew Shyaka
5:38 pm

Oda Paccy

Hip Hop femcee Oda Paccy assured haters that nothing can stop her from talking to her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter – producer Lick Lick although no more romance between them.

The “My body” hit maker clapped back at social media trolls accusing her of trying hard by all means to get back to Lick Lick following her new year’s message towards him.

At KT Radio live, Paccy revealed that she frequently talks to producer Lick Lick not on relationship issues but on their daughter’s matters and she wants her daughter to grow up with love from both parents.

“I will always show him love publically and nothing can stop me from talking to him because we have a bond that will never fade. But that doesn’t mean we are getting back in a relationship or am trying hard to get back with him as people claim,” says Paccy said over the weeked

The “Miss President” singer, gave birth to a baby girl in 2011 and called her Linka Mbabazi but already she was in a bitter relationship with Lick Lick who recorded a song in 2012 dubbed Nta bwo Mbyicuza literally meaning “Am not regretting” which aimed shots at Paccy.

Paccy is one of the female pioneers of hip hop artists that paved way for young girls with music talent. Currently, she owns a recording studio got from music proceedings.

Lick Lick real names Isaac Mbabazi is a renowned audio producer based in America. He produces hit songs of established artists like Meddy and The Ben.