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‘The600’ Film is Back

by Daniel Sabiiti
10:02 am

Rwandans wanting to watch the country’s most popular liberation struggle documentary film have one more chance to attend its screening in Kigali city, before it embarks on an international promotional tour.

The film known as ‘The600’ is a documentary of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) Inkotanyi in the 3rd battalion who were trapped behind enemy lines of the then genocidal government and their priceless sacrifices made to set their country free.

The600 film was first premiered at Kigali century cinema in July 2019 selling 3,400 tickets in 17 nights.

Thereafter, it was screened in several embassies in Kigali, Washington DC, and Dakar in Senegal.

The documentary is now showing in Kigali.

“We will screen at century (cinema center in Kigali) till February 1st (Heroes Day) and focus on the festivals abroad,” said Richard Hall, the film Executive Producer and funder.

After February 1, The600 will start its international tour premiering at the London’s Fusion Film Festival on February 19, and then head to New York and Los Angeles film festivals slated this year.

Rwandans however, will have to wait a little longer to have the full film accessible online or on DVDs.

“No DVD or download deal anytime soon, these deals are always after festivals and TV sales. They have to go see at Century,” Hall told KTPress.

The film highlights can be seen on the600 website in just a two (2) minutes trailer on website- www.the600movie.com.

The producers say that they are negotiating a private distribution deal with an American company after failing to get a suitable company in a tendering process for distribution.

The movie runs for 117 minutes took 18 months of hard work to produce according to Richard Hall.

Since its premiere 6 months ago, the600 has so far won global awards such as: Los Angeles International Film Festival, International Independent Film Association, London Independent Film Awards.

The film is also look up in 2020 for Best documentary at Fusion Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, Winter Film Festival to be announced this February.


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