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COVID-19: Side Businesses Keep Me Going – King James

by Andrew Shyaka
9:58 pm

RnB sensational King James has been topping charts for over 10 years and he still does, now living a quiet life  in his mansion in Ruyenzi, the outskirts of Kigali city during this lockdown.

He talked to KT Press’ Andrew Shyaka(AS) and here the excherbs. 

AS: King James, how are you and how is the lockdown treating you currently?

King James: Health wise I am good, home as any other Rwandan under COVID-19 lockdown, praying God to preserve us and give us another chance to return to normal life.

AS: The lockdown has hit hard every sector including the entertainment industry. As an artiste, how are you dealing with the situation?

King James: This pandemic caught us off guard, but I am trying to make the situation positive by creating more music ideas to overcome such disaster in future.

AS: We have seen other artists like Tom Close, Bruce Melody and The Ben shift to virtual ways of entertaining music lovers. How about you, any plan?

King James: Before I wasn’t this person so driven by social media, but ever since the lockdown started, I have been discussing with people on how to upgrade my social media platforms because digitalization is the only way to survive until the end of the lockdown.

AS: How do you spend your day during this COVID-19 lockdown ?

King James: When I wake up, I use my head quite a lot to develop new ideas. I also play the keyboard for a very good period of time during the day to discover good melodies, then I watch the movie. Most importantly, I record music. By the end of this lockdown, I will have recorded a full album.

KT Press: Any positive thing you have learnt from this lockdown?

King James: The lockdown has taught me how to plan ahead and I have also learnt to be more active on social media. I also call upon my fellow artists to start investing in music to overcome such unexpected situations. Personally I am surviving on other side dish businesses not music.

KT Press: Any special message to your fans in this hash situation of covid-19?

King James: The only way to defeat this pandemic is to adhere with government directives like washing hands frequently, staying home and avoiding unnecessary movements.

The music star, King James is also said to be a businessman with supermarkets. He is also a car dealer.

King James has many hit songs under his belt including sold-out concerts across the country.

The singer is among the highest-paid artists in the country and he has managed to reap lots of cash through music shows and telecom company commercials.

 He boasts songs like Narashize, Birandega, Yantumye and Abubu.


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