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Learning Rwanda’s History Not Time Wasting – Auddy Kelly to the Youth

by Andrew Shyaka
9:31 pm

Auddy Kelly

Singer Auddy Kelly calls upon the youth who don’t seek to know the History of Rwanda, mainly the Genocide Agaisnt Tutsi that it is high time for them to change their mind.

The young artist, himself a Genocide survivor who lost his parents to the Genocide says that the youth have several opportunities that may help them learn history including books, parents and relatives who have living testimonies to mention but a few.

They can explain to them the tragedy that befell the country 26 years ago.

The 1994 Genocide against Tutsi left Auddy Kelly hopeless after Interahamwe killed his father. But, during the commemoration period, he has learnt a lot, became stronger and found a purpose to living positively.

Speaking to KT Press, the Ngukeneye star advised fellow youth to listen carefully to survivors’ testimonies, government programs in order to renew and rebuild a great future.

“Some of the youth don’t want to know the Genocide against Tutsi history. They take for granted the commemoration period. You can’t rebuild and renew the country when you don’t have an idea on the problems your country faced,” he said.

“This lockdown is a good opportunity for the youth to talk to parents to understand what really happened during the Genocide,” Kelly said.

The singer, real name Audace Munyangango says that he finds solace in survivors’ testimonies, Government programs through IBUKA and music. 

Every day, he says, I wake up thinking about how I can work hand in hand with fellow Rwandans to make sure that the Genocide never happens again. 

Some of Auddy’s songs are  Izo nzozi, Ubyumve, Usa neza and Ndakwitegereza, a song that introduced him to fame, among many others.