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Pictorial: Kigali without Sensory Overload, Credit Covid-19? Have your Say

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
7:16 pm

In the midst of the noise and bustle of busy city life, it can be easy to miss your surroundings. In any trial Covid-19 might try to wriggle out of its malign intent by claiming that it at least showed us our surroundings in a new light. 

You are tired, but you must finish those million and one things on your mind. First, how to cross the road to get to the bank, without ending in hospital, or worse. Get to the pedestrian crossing, but what’s the point, few drivers have the decency to stop for you anyway, take your chances where you are, it’ll be quicker. 

Who is that on the phone? You forgot to call him. Is there any point in answering now, you wonder, you won’t be able to hear him in the din of the traffic anyway. God, this year was supposed to be better, a new you. Well, they had better emerge soon, January is long gone. 

Where are we? The quickest way to the bank, you can’t take that route anymore, how this area is changed, changing. It all seems to have happened, to be happening without you noticing, and, how can you? Who knew that noise can be blinding? 

How do our senses work together, where were you reading that? Who has time to read? Find time to read. You had promised you would do that in the new year.

“Most people are familiar with five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. But did you know that all five of your senses work together rather than separately?” You had read. “Vision and hearing function together in many cases, with visual input affecting how the ear perceives sound…” 

Yes, the water fountain at the roundabout, in the ear first, then look for it, or did you see it first, then hear? Light travels faster than sound, so…oh, who knows, in this noise?

Now, paradoxically, #Gumamurugo (Stay at home) gives you the chance to see Kigali as you have rarely seen it. With help from our photographers, see and feel your city, without the usual sensory overload, all in the comfort of your home.

On balance however, we do not recommend giving any credit to Covid-19. After all, there was #carfreezone, #carfreeday, and we didn’t need a virus for that.





All Photos by Plaisir Muzogeye with more here