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Rwanda Diaspora in France Brings Case against Concealment of Kabuga

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:08 pm

The Association of Rwandan Community in France(CRF) has filed a case to the Nanterre prosecution requesting them to identify, pursue and prosecute all those accomplices who helped top Genocide fugitive Felicien Kabuga to avoid justice for the last twenty-six years.

Felicien Kabuga, the tycoon who is believed to be the key financier of the 1994 Genocide committed against Tutsi in Rwanda was arrested in Paris-France on Saturday, May 16.

On several occasions, he escaped the law enforcers’ operations that wanted to arrest him in Switzerland, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya among others, and in France itself.

CRF believes that in all these years, Kabuga had people who facilitated his movements from country to country, while others took care of his medication, shelter, to mention but a few.

“You would not exclude the fact that Felicien Kabuga equally benefited from the support of institutions and organizations, notably to acquire identity and travel documents, to get health services, to travel, among others because it is already confirmed that he traveled to several countries, benefited medical services,…” CRF representative Angelique Ingabire writes in a press briefing today.

“Those individuals/organizations have for several years prevented justice to the French citizens and the victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi,” Ingabire further said.

The communique further reads that for several years this helped Kabuga to play law enforcers which delayed justice.

Speaking to vanityfair.com today, Prosecutor General of the International Residual Court Mechanism Serge Brammertz said that when he was arrested, Kabuga had more than 20 different identities and three different passports.

“When he was arrested, he was using another identity. So we believe there were four passports [in all] from different African countries. And the problem is that these passports were not fake or stolen. They appear to have been delivered by competent authorities with the correct stamps on them. That’s probably the result of corruption or other forms of interference.”

Brammertz further said that, it is obvious that in the first few years, Kabuga had strong support from his political allies, many of them refugees in other countries. But over time these fugitives cannot rely on a broader network. And their network becomes much, much smaller. In the end, the only thing they can rely on is their family.

This communique concluded that the concealment of wrongdoers being criminal in France, CRF has filed a case to the prosecutor of Nanterre Madame Catherine Denis, requesting her to open an investigation to discover identities then pursue and prosecute anyone, be it an institution or individuals who contributed to Kabuga concealment.

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