COVID-19: For the First Time, Rwanda Registers Two Deaths in A Single Day

Rwanda has, for the first time registered two COVID-19 deaths in a single day, another warning that the pandemic is severe.

“Condolences to families of two Rwandans 45 years old and 55-year-old who passed away today,” writes the Ministry of health in the update of August 18.

The country confirmed the first case of COVID-19 on March 14, and the first case of COVD-19 death was registered on May 30 and five months since the pandemic started, 10 cases were confirmed, equivalent to two cases per month.

Besides these deaths that were registered, the country also confirmed 37 new cases, bringing the total number of cases to 2577 and the active cases, 884.

Moreover, Rwanda has so far registered 1,683 recoveries after 22 patients who were discharged on August 18.

The general public, like the Ministry of health, is very much concerned by the increasing number of cases in the capital Kigali which led to the closure of two big markets of Nyabugogo-Kwa Mutangana and the Kigali city market.

The Minister of health said that they will conduct a general test in the near future to see whether another lockdown could be an option to consider.

Worldwide, the cases of COVID-19 have increased to 22,251,435 and 782,345 deaths.

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