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Tabz “Not Planning’ To Quit Neptunez Band Soon

by Andrew Shyaka
5:57 pm

Thabita Uwizerwa alias Tabz

Neptunez band lead singer Thabita Uwizerwa alias Tabz confesses that she is still working with Neptunez band despite pursuing her solo career.

The young vocalist shocked Neptunez band fanatics when she released her first solo song dubbed Gake without her bandmates.

While premiering the new song live at KT Radio’s evening program Dunda, Tabz told Neptunez band fans to take heart because she is still with the band.

“I feel secure on stage when am with fellow members of Neptunez band, the band gave me experience music wise and I can’t just quit like that because I have released one song, They do appreciate the idea of going solo wholeheartedly but maybe in future, I will think of living it because my target is to be an artiste and have my own band,” says Tabz. 

Tabz is one of the favorite vocalist and talented musicians among the Neptunez band due to her unique voice accompanied by special dancing antics when entertaining revelers.

She joined Rwanda school of creative arts formerly known as Nyundo School of Arts and music after finishing O’Level.

Tabz and other music graduates from Rwanda School of Creative Arts like Igor Mabano, Yverry, Ariel Symphony Band, Ignace Kalinijabo, Imirasire Band, Sebeya Band, Neema Rehema, Groovy and Favor are putting the music industry to greater heights. 

Tabz promised to release more songs featuring local and regional established, her maiden love song was produced by celebrated audio producer David P, who also owns Future records studios.

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