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End of the Road? Miss Rwanda 2012, Aurore Mutesi Tight-Lipped Amid Break up Rumors

by Andrew Shyaka
8:21 pm

All seems to be not well between the celebrity couple.

They say all good things come to an end and that seems to be true for Miss Rwanda 2012 Aurore Mutesi  Kayibanda and her husband Egide Mbabazi, whose relationship is said to be on the rocks.

Recent media reports suggest that the celebrity couple could be no more, despite both of them remaining tight-lipped, with no information on the status of their marriage coming out.

Recently local media outlets have been running stories about a possible break up between the ever elegant former Miss Rwanda and her husband. basing on the fact that the couple unfollowed each other on social media platforms and deleted all photos they appear together.

The beauty queen  was forced to comment on the ongoing rumors of the break with her photographer and videographer hubby but she simply blushed the question aside, giving away little information on what is going on.

On the rocks. Could it be over for the celebrity couple? Time will tell.

The down to earth beauty queen took to Instagram to let her followers ask anything concerning her life and most of the question shot were about the status of her relationship with husband.

One of the followers asked why she no longer follows Mbabazi and why he also unfollowed her yet they used to shower each other love on social media, but her response was more defensive.

“Unfollowing each other has nothing to do with breaking up,” Mutesi said, while another person asked “Are you still in love with Egide?” and she cheekily replied “let me ask him”.

The replies she gave left many puzzled as to whether the once jolly celebrity couple’s paradise could be on the verge of drifting apart. The two were never shy to share their love affair publicly.

The two have been love birds for more than 5 years in the U.S where they both live. They tied the knot in July 2018 after Mutesi relocated to the North American country. The same year, in December 2018, some reports suggested that the newly wed couple was going through a rough patch after she deleted her Instagram account.

It is believed that the two started dating mid 2014 but they kept the relationship secret until late 2014, when Miss Aurore broke the news through her Instagram account and cemented that she is in love with Egide Mababazi also known as Egide Foxworth.

The two were never shy to display affection for each other publicly.

In 2015, Mbabazi came down to Kigali to check on Miss Aurore and also visit her family and the two had a great time visiting Volcanoes National Park before the former Miss Rwanda moved to Turkey to pursue her studies.

The besotted coupled got engaged in February 2018, after Mutesi moved to the U.S to join her boo, before walking down the aisle four months later but some reports suggested that all was not well and now the cracks are appearing.

Mutesi Aurore is famously known as one of the most adored Miss Rwanda winners that represented well her country as well as using her crown positively to impact on the society, endearing her to Rwandans wherever they are, with some referring to her as the ‘the Miss of All Times’.


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