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Ed Tech Mondays Brings Debate Around Technology and Access To Quality Education

by Williams Buningwire
6:03 pm

The EdTech initiative owned by Mastercard Foundation and ICT Chamber is back, this time with the discussion focusing on ‘how technology can expand access to education’ across the country.

With the aim of sparking the EdTech Ecosystem in Rwanda, EdTech initiative discussions take place on KT Radio every last Monday of the month at 6PM. 

This Monday, Ines Nyinawumuntu, KT radio’s journalist will host Esther Nkunda, Director General of Innovations and emerging technologies department at the Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Innovations, Bella Rwigamba, Chief Digital Officer at the Ministry of Education and Shadrach Munyeshyaka, Chief Executive Officer of Nyereka Tech limited to discuss ‘how technology can be used to promote access of education’ in the country.

With the theme dubbed ‘Digital learning-can education technology expand access to education?’  the Ed Tech discussions will also welcome stakeholders, including the EdTech entrepreneurs, Education, and technology policymakers during KT  Radio caller’s time decided by the host.

The Ed Tech discussions come at an important time when the country is still dealing with challenges caused by Covid-19 and the measures put in place to support continual learning during the pandemic including online learning, radio, and television learning.  

Tomorrow’s Ed Tech discussions will be aired simultaneously on KT Radio and the Kigali Today YouTube channel and followed live on company’s twitter accounts including; @ktpressrwanda and @kigalitoday

In the previous talkshow, the guests discussed ‘female student participation in vocational skills’, urging teachers to be gender-sensitive to be able to help female students during tech practical lessons because some of them are reluctant due to social stereotypes. 

Tech experts agreed that in several tech school’s female students perform better theoretically, but their academic practical performance and activeness are still wanting compared to their male counterparts.

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