We Are Doing Our Best To Remain In Business – Ruti Joel

 Artist Ruti Joel has confessed that COVID-19 did not go without severe consequences on the life and business of artists, but the most important is to be resilient.

Ruti who says he has roots in families of artists including Jules Sentore and Intore Masamba suggests: “While we have incurred huge losses as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, we should first protect ourselves to make sure that we survive. We should also think about an economic breakthrough to remain in business.”

Ruti advises fellow artists to do saving from their earnings, which will help them keep on going.

Back to his personal performance, Ruti said he is working on his next Album “Rumata”.

“Leave alone that they have a merit of entertainment, the songs intend to promote Rwandan culture,” he said.

Art may be available on all audio platforms, including YouTube and others.

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