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COVID-19: Rwanda Puts 50 Sectors Across the Country Under Lockdown To Stop Spread

by Williams Buningwire
1:24 pm

People in 50 sectors around the country will be required to stay at home as part of the efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19.

A total of 50 Sectors with reported high positivity rates the New Coronavirus have been put under a total lockdown to stop the spreading of Covid-19 in different districts of the country, despite restricted inter-district movement. The locked down sectors are located in districts across all the 4 provinces of the country.

Residents have been warned against faulting Covid-19 preventive guidelines which prohibit them from crossing from one sector to another.

The locked sectors include Kinazi, Mbuye, Ntongwe, Ruhango, Kinihira, and Byimana, all located in Ruhango district, Southern Province.

In Muhanga district, also the Southern Province; They are Shyogwe, Kiyumba, Cyeza, Nyamabuye, Rugendabari, Muhanga, and Mushishiro sectors.

The Sectors of Nyamagabe district(Southern province) including Kamegeri, Kibumbwe, Gasaka, and Mugano follow suit.

Also, in Southern Province, Huye districts, the locked sectors are Tumba, Kinazi, and Gishamvu.

In Nyanza district(Southern province) sectors of Busoro, Mukingo, Kibilizi, and Kigoma have also been put under total lockdown.

In Nyaruguru district, there is only Ngera sector.

In the Eastern province, Kayonza district. They include Mukarange, Mwiri, Gahini, Murundi, Rukara, and Nyamirama.

In Bugesera district, also Eastern province. They are Rilima, Juru, Nyamata, Ruhuha, and Shyara.

Sectors of the Gatsibo district(Eastern Province), the locked sectors are Muhura, Kageyo,Remera, Kabarore, and Murambi.

In Nyamasheke district, Western Province. The locked sectors are Nyabitekeri, Shangi, and Bushenge.

The locked sectors of the Rusizi district(Western province) are Nyakabuye and Gitambi.

In the Karongi district, also located in the Western Province, there is only the Murambi sector.

For the Northern province, sectors of Cyungo, Burega, and Shyorongi located in the Rulindo district have also been placed under total lockdown.

The Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) announced the lockdown for 50 sectors on Monday 26.

According to the statement from MINALOC, respecting lockdown guidelines in the locked down sectors starts effectively  July 28, 2021.

“The residents of these sectors are asked to respect the guidelines. Agricultural and livestock activities will continue to operate, but with respect to the Covid-19 preventive measures,” the statement reads.

“The security organs are requested to inspect the locked sectors to make sure that the guidelines are respected,” the statement reads.

According to the statement, all citizens are supposed to respect Covid-19 preventive measures as they are directed By the Ministry of Health.

By Monday 26, Rwanda registered 791 new Covid-19 cases, 6,930 tests, the number of vaccinated people was 428,983.

So far, 757 deaths have been registered.


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