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Mother At 18: She Writes O’Level Exams with A Dream to Become Great Engineer

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:13 pm

“I happened to get early pregnancy and to give birth but I find no reason to surrender and fail to follow my dreams,” says Aline Iranzi(not real name) at lunchtime on Tuesday.

A journalist of kigalitoday.com our sister website met with the mother of a two-month-old baby at Gisozi high school.

Iranzi who dreams to become a construction engineer had just finished her first national exam of Ordinary Level(O’level) and was coming to breastfeed her baby born that was brought to school by grandma.

Her baby was born prematurely at 7 months but this found Iranzi in the middle of a battle to prepare for national exams but she did not surrender.

Iranzi is very thankful to her mother who cares a lot about her and her child who really needs much attention. She spent the morning preparing lunch for the candidate and taking the child to Kagugu health centre for immunization.

“My daughter went through hardships during pregnancy but I promised never to forsake her. The family will make sure that she gets to school near home so as to take care of the baby. She has to follow her education dream though,” said the mother.

Iranzi schoolmates appreciate her courage and believe, that if all children who have a similar case could have such confidence, they would still achieve their dream.

Iranzi’s case follows another one of a Senior Six student who is 20 years old in Ruhango district, southern province. She is writing her exams from hospital after giving birth yesterday.

“I encourage all those candidates in similar situations. If they prepared well their national exams, no wonder, they win and the future will be bright,” says Dr. Bernard Bahati, Director General of National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA).

This year, 122,320 candidates will sit O’Level National Exams while 50,888 candidates will sit Senior Six National Exams.

The Technical and Vocational Education Training(TVET) has 22,779 candidates.

Exams are being held under cautions conditions following measures meant to prevent more spread of COVID-19. The city of Kigali and other eight districts are under lockdown. The Minisrty of Education was obliged to pick students from their neighborhoods.

Buses pick students in the morning, drop them back in evening.

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