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Platini P Jets off to Nigeria 

by Andrew Shyaka
8:36 pm

Former Dream Boyz singer Platini P travels to Lagos Nigeria to shot a music video as well as securing possible music collaborations with Nigeria’s music counterparts.

Ever since embarking on a solo career, the Atansiyo hitmaker has been dropping hit after hit with flashy music videos done from various countries.

Platini revealed that his Nigerian trip is focusing on elevating his career from one level to another targeting the international music arena.

“Nigerian music industry is on another level and me as an artist I am always looking for something to boast and expand my music across the globe. We all know Nigerian music fraternity can offer a breakthrough to the international music arena,” says Platini P.

The singer also talked about having some meetings with  people affiliated with the industry to advise him on his music plans as well as talking about possible music collaborations with fellow Nigeria artists.

Recently while talking about his solo music career live at KT Radio, Platini P vowed to use all strategies at his hand to take his music career to another level.

He has been traveling to countries like Arab Emirates and Tanzania for video shots and spreading his music to local music promoters.

The singer has already more than 5 hit songs on the market and he has managed to work with various artists especially those from Kina Music like Nel Ngabo, Igor Mabano, Butera Knowless, and Tom Close.

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