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1000 Genocide Fugitives Still On the Run: Rwanda Seeks Concrete Action

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:46 pm

A section inside the Kigali Genocide Memorial museum-Rwanda wants authors of these atrocities arrested

Rwanda has reiterated call to countries that are still giving safe haven to genocide suspects to take action and give justice to the community that has been waiting for the last 27 years.

Latest figures indicate that Rwanda has sent arrest warrants to 38 countries from across the world to arrest 1,149 Genocide fugitives and only 41 arrest warrants have yielded results since the last 25 years.

In these arrest warrants, 22 suspects were extradited to Rwanda, while the remaining 21 suspects were tried in their host countries.

“We are taking this opportunity to call upon all the countries that still host the genocide fugitives to take action and arrest them. Some of them have been reticent but it is time they cooperate,” said Dr. Faustin Nteziryayo, the Chief Justice.

Nteziryayo was speaking during the International Conference on 25 years of justice related to the Genocide perpetrated against Tutsi.

The conference brought together the Rwanda’s judiciary, the ministry of justice and Rwanda’s justice partners who have accompanied the country in providing the justice in the area of Genocide committed against Tutsi since the last 25 years.

A flame of hope from the mourners walking towards Murambi Genocide memorial-12th April 2017. Rwanda wants people responsible of these massacres arrested

One of country partners in this tracking of Genocide fugitives is RCN Justice&Democratie, a Belgian organisation.

The later, in the last 25 years provided Rwanda with information related to the fugitives.

RCN president Eric Gillet told the media that while they are wrapping up their activities in Rwanda, they will continue to provide information that would lead to arrest, trial  of genocide fugitives and sentencing those that are found guilty.

Currently, the biggest number of Genocide fugitives found home in African countries most especially the countries neighboring Rwanda.

There are in Africa 900 Genocide fugitives out of 1,108 fugitives still on the run.

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