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Women Activists Up in Arms Against Koffi Olomide Show in Kigali

by Edmund Kagire
4:20 pm

King of Controversy. Koffi Olomide’s show in Kigali hangs in balance.

Several women activists are up in arms calling for the ban of a forthcoming show of Congolese singer and soukous maestro Koffi Olomide, accusing him of abusing or mistreating women in the past, arguing that performing in Rwanda will set a bad precedent.

The legendary singer, who in recent years has been facing a backlash over his conduct with women, is set to perform in Kigali on December 4 but the music show hangs in balance after several women took to social media to protest the performance which will be held in Kigali Arena, sponsored by brewer Skol.

Several activists allege that Koffi Olomide is a convicted rapist and pedophile, who should not be given a platform to perform in Rwanda, a country that prides itself in promoting the rights of women.

Renowned feminists Sylvie Nsanga and Juliette Karitanyi are leading the petitions to stop the show which is organised by Intore Entertainment. Both the organisers and authorities are yet to comment on the matter.

They accuse the organiser, Bruce Twagira, of disregarding the Congolese singer’s controversial past to invite him to perform in the country. The show has been highly anticipated, with the singer himself taking to social media to announce that he is ready to rock Kigali as part of his musical tour that has taken him across the continent and the globe.

“I am requesting solidarity in requesting the Government of Rwanda, specifically the Ministry of Youth and Culture, to not allow Koffi to come to Rwanda because we have to send a strong signal to perpetrators/rapist etc….Beyond that, this is hurting us, bringing him at the time Rwanda is joining the world in the #16DaysOfActivism against GBV,” wrote Nsanga in a message circulated widely.

“During my life time, Koffi has been accused many times and every time, like all powerful abusers, nothing gets done. No one has trusted victims(majority young girls). Some countries have taken it serious and we trust Rwanda to be accountable on this,” Nsanga says, adding that stories of victims have to be believed.

“So KOFFI OLOMIDE is set to entertain music lovers in Kigali on December 4, an event organised by @Intore_ent & sponsored by @SkolRwanda. Why would a country like @RwandaGov that works very hard to advance Gender equality accept something like this?” wondered Karitanyi.

Several links were shared, detailing the legal troubles of the singer in the past, with some however arguing that he is yet to be convicted for the said crimes. The ‘Selfie’ singer faces a number of controversies relating to his conduct around women. In July 2016, he was deported from Kenya after an incident where he was filmed kicking one of his queen dancers.

Though the singer apologized and made up with the dancer, the incident led to anger, with several of his shows around the continent cancelled.




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