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After A two-year Break from Music, Charly and Nina Agree to Reunite  

by Nouriath Agasaro
11:49 pm

Charly and Nina have recently announced that they are reunited and that they have come to show their fans what they do best.

After two years, the duo allegedly has chosen to reunite and pursue a new music journey.

They wrote on their Instagram account on the evening of Wednesday, February 2, 2022, that they had missed their fans.

“Hello! We’ve missed you a lot, and we hope you’ve missed us as well!!!!”, their IG message reads.

Rulinda Charlotte (Charly) and Muhoza Nina [Nina] have been also confirmed as performers at the upcoming Amani Festival in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Charly and Nina will perform at the Amani Festival’s closing concert, which will also feature Mahombi from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Alesh, Roga Roga, and others.

Nina and Charly never said anything about their breakup. People believe that breaking up with Alex Muyoboke was one of the reasons these girls failed to remain in business.

They worked with Muyoboke Alex on different songs, including “Indoro” featuring Big Fizzo, “I Do” with Ugandan Bebe Cool, “Owooma” with Geosteady, and others.

“After breaking up with them” Rwandan music has failed miserably. It’s a tragedy for them, their fans, the producers, and, most importantly, me, their manager. We had a lot of fun together, and I’m sorry to hear that their music is in such a terrible condition,” Muyoboke said.

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