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Teta Diana Could Be Dating

by Andrew Shyaka
9:20 pm

Teta Diana

Pop and cultural famed songstress Teta Diana replies to everyone who is interested in knowing her love life by revealing that she is cute, grown up woman able to make her own choices and that includes dating whoever she pleases.

The Velo hitmaker spilled the beans live on KTRadio when she was asked whether she is in a relationship, since it has been an ongoing topic whenever her name comes up in media.

“I don’t like putting my private life especially my love life on display but, definitely I know I am cute, grownup female and yes, I date,’
According to the way she replied, Teta could be in a relationship but it’s not yet time for going public.

She also refuted tabloid reports claiming that she got married secretly in Sweden.

The singer is based in Sweden but she has been in the country for months checking on families as well as promoting her new EP and doing shows.

She is supposed to fly back to Sweden mid-April, to prepare for multiple shows in Europe together with her Swedish band.

Teta Diana’s music talent came to light when she was singing legendary Kamaliza’s songs under Gakondo group in traditional ceremonies like weddings.

Although she blends in Gakondo with other music genres, Teta Diana reveals that, she can’t quit doing traditional music because it’s what makes her unique and stand out in Europe as an independent artist.

“I am known through Sweden as a Rwandan girl due to singing and making records of Rwandan culture and guess what, has made me famous and earns me a living, basically it pays my bills,’ says Teta

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