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Kivumbi Thrills Warsaw

by Andrew Shyaka
11:03 pm

Rwandan lyricist and poet Kivumbi King gave Rwandan Community living in Poland a taste of Rwandan music over the weekend.

It was the first time for the rapper to perform in Poland-Warsaw and he did not let down partygoers.

The Nana hitmaker stormed the stage donning black T shirt and pants roaring in his husky voice as the crowd went crazy singing his songs.

He put up an energetic performance backed up by a band and sung most of his renown hits as revellers cheered and danced.

Through his social media platforms, Kivumbi hailed his energetic performance and said it was a result of result sleepless nights of rehearsals.

“It was my first concert in Warsaw and I had to make it great by all means, but of course rehearsals and my organising team made it more successful,” Kivumbi said.

Kivumbi rose to stardom with his hit song ‘Madam’ and since then, he has managed to win hearts of music lovers especially Hip hop fans across the nation.

His also a talented poet, song writer and producer, his unique voice also contributed a lot to his breakthrough to music industry.

Poland concert was the first leg of his Europe tour as he is also scheduled to perform in Belgium come 14th May together with fellow local artists like Bruce Melodie.

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