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Tuyisenge, Kigali Celebs’ Barber Borrows A Leaf from Clients

by Marie Grace Munezero
5:49 pm

Tuyisenge Landuard (Lando The Barber)

In 2010, Landuard Tuyisenge graduated from Secondary school  and right away left his home town of Ruhango when he heard that Kigali offers endless opportunities.

Gisa cy”inganzo in the hands of Lando

“The best I could get was to work as a houseboy but I was not lucky enough; my boss got his belongings stolen and it was blamed on me which sent me to jail,” Tuyisenge said.

Upon his release, Tuyisenge got a friend who introduced him to haircutting until 2012 when he started doing it as business.

Over time, his touch impressed the Kigali celebrities including; The Ben, Bruce Melody, Gisa cy’Inganzo and many more.

The stars even introduced him to some big names beyond borders like Eddy Kenzo, Diamond, and Alikiba.

“I was raised by my single mother which gives me a clear understanding of difficult life and I always burn with a wish to give back to the community, now that I have managed to tailor a path of life,” Tuyisenge a.k.a Lando who now works at a hair saloon at Kisimenti, a popular neighborhood in Kigali.

Tuyisenge has several memories of his career’s success stories, but one struck him most.

Actress Kechapu

“During COVID-19 lockdown, The Ben asked me to accompany him in Tanzania where he had a song project with Diamond. When we reached Diamond asked The Ben who does his hair and he pointed at me. I did his hair and he offered Rwf 500,000,” he said.

David of RBA

Senderi International Hit

“Alikiba also joined us and I did the magic on his head. Afterward, we headed to Uganda where I met Eddy Kenzo and I did the same.”

It is after realising how music is good deal that he started trying it as well, borrowing a leaf from his clients like The Ben. He has now released two solos including “For Love” and “Cya Gikecuru” and is interested in the dancehall.

In Lando’s understanding, there is no job to ever neglect.

“I tried several chances in my earlier dreams of becoming a soldier, but when it did not work, the door that was opened to me was even wider; can you imagine my favorite clients can just offer me $100 TIP twice a week?” he said.

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