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RIB Arrest Own Officers Suspected Of Graft

by Edmund Kagire
2:26 pm

A RIB detainees van. The investigative body is holding two of its own staff on suspicion of graft.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) on Thursday said it holding two officers one from RIB and other one from RNP arrested on suspicion of corruption.

The investigative body revealed that on on 27 September 2022 it arrested Kabayiza Ntabwoba Patrick, the Provincial Chief Intelligence Officer of the City of Kigali known as PCIO and Chief Inspector of Police (CIP), Murekezi Augustin, both of whom are suspected of taking bribes.

“The two are being investigated on charges of soliciting and accepting illegal benefit under article 4 of the law on fighting against corruption and fraud under article 174 of the law determining offences and penalties in general,”

“These offences were allegedly committed at different times. Offences that are in connection with case which was under investigation,” RIB said without divulging more details of how the crimes were committed.

The Spokesperson of RIB, Dr. Thierry B. Murangira said that as part of the investigative body’s mandate, it, it will continue to crackdown on individuals involved in graft cases, including its own staff.

“RIB reiterates strong commitment to zero tolerance on corruption among its staff and other law enforcers, and commends the public for sharing information on corrupt public officials,”

Dr. Thierry B. Murangira, the Spokesperson of RIB.

“RIB, like any other government institution, is likely to have individuals who can engage in criminal activities such as corruption.

We want to assure Rwandans that we will maintain a zero-tolerance stance to corruption within the institution as we do with other institutions,” Dr. Murangira said.

Dr. Murangira said that RIB regularly conducts internal sensitisation and awareness among its staff to conduct themselves in a manner that cannot jeopardise public trust in RIB as an institution with a mandate to fight crime.


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