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HEC to Start Crack Down on Registration of Unqualified Students

by Williams Buningwire
3:36 pm

Some private higher learning institutions have been accepting students who do not match the requirements to enroll in colleges and universities, according to an investigation by the Higher Education Council (HEC).

In the recent meeting with university registrars, HEC threatened to close programs, or entire institutions over this shortcoming.

“Initially, students became victims of being admitted in universities that do not meet criteria. This time, universities will also face consequences. Closing programs or universities, depending on the case will apply,” Executive Director of HEC, Dr.Rose Mukankomeje said last week.

According to the Official Gazette n° Special of 20/10/2021, Institutions of higher learning admit students in programs in compliance with specific program admission requirements established by the public organ in charge of regulation of institutions of higher learning.

Mukankomeje pointed out that Vice-Chancellors should understand and put education laws at heart, without waiting to be punished by the law.

Dr. Odette Uwizeye, Registrar at the University of Rwanda said that the law is clear and so are the targets to improve quality of education.

Admission Moral and Medical requirements

The National Student admission policy says before registration for a programme of higher education, students may be required to provide a certificate of police clearance.

It adds that criminal conviction may not preclude admission but conviction or caution for a relevant criminal offence (all offences other than minor road traffic offences) will preclude admission for training to teach, to train 2 as a tutor in a teacher training college or for the Police, and similar limitations may be applied by other professions such as medicine, social work or nursing.

“Any such requirements will be included in the validated Programme Specification and advertised to potential students. Any student who is found to have wilfully deceived the institution as to their criminal required may be permanently excluded from the institution,” the policy states.

Also, before registration for any programme of study, proof of medical fitness to study from a registered medical practitioner is required.

For example, those registering for programmes which imply a licence to practice – for example, teacher training or college tutor training, nursing, medicine, social work, policing – may additionally have to undergo a medical examination by the Institution’s doctor.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education closed two faculties of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences and Medicine and Surgery of the University of Gitwe on reasons that it did not meet standards and students were not admitted following admission criteria.

The university intended to allow students to do a catch-up program for admission, even when they did not have principal passes from A level.

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