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RIB Arrests Judge For Assisting Self-Imposed Political Asylum Seeker

by Emmy Nuwamanya
7:03 pm

The judge was attached to Nyarugenge Intermediate Court.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has arrested a judge attached to Nyarugenge intermediate court, Eric Twambajimana, over issuing unofficial documents processed in facilitating a Rwandan lying to get political asylum.

Eric Twambajimana 38, is currently detained at RIB Station in Kacyiru as his case is being processed for prosecution.

The falsified documents by the Judge were sent to one David Rumanzi, former coach of the national team of youngsters, Paris Saint-Germain academy, based in Huye district, in the Southern province.

Judge Twambajimana forged documents, signifying that Rumanzi, currently in France, was under persecution from the Rwanda Investigation Bureau, for political reasons . These documents were later intercepted at the Kigali International airport, while in transit.

Rumanzi has been seeking refugee status in France, but all in vain, then started passing through Twambajimana, well-known to him, to help in acquiring falsified papers, showing that he is under persecution, hoping to achieve political asylum.

The PSG Rwanda academy coach for the under 13 team, which won the ‘PSG Academies World Cup hosted in France, also for the under 11 in fourth position, after winning the USA in May 2022, decided to stay and later started applying for refugee status.

Once Judge Twambajimana is found guilty of forging documents, he will be charged with article 276 of the penal code, punishable with a sentence not below five years, but not above seven years and a fine not below RWf 3 million, but not above Rwf 5 million, or one of them.

When falsification of documents is done by a public servant, the sentence is not below seven years, but not beyond 10 years, with a fine not below Rwf 2 million, but not above Rwf 3 million or one of the two rulings.

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