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Rwf 6 Billion Needed for Cimerwa Neighborhood Expropriation Fees

by Jean Felix Muhire
4:09 pm

Cimerwa factory

The Western province governor has announced that they are preparing everything needed to relocate the residents along Rwanda’s first cement factory, Cimerwa.

In an interview, the Governor of Western Province, Habitekego Francois, told Kigali Today that the administration is looking into the problem of the residents along Cimerwa.

“We are aware that there are properties of the residents along Cimerwa that are being destructed by the industry’s activities but there is a lot being done, including counting the people to be relocated with their properties,” Habitegeko said.

Some of the problems expressed by the residents include the presence of women having miscarriage, noise pollution, dynamite related damages among others.

Affected residents say that the noise pollution, the cement residues on their crops and the effects of the dynamites that cause cracks in their houses are such a threat to their lives.

They even fear that cement residues pollute their water.

For solution, Governor Habitekego says: “The government has taken up this issue and it is on the right track to be handled considering the people who have a problem as far as where they are located, considering where to relocate the residents and what needed be done, considering whether it is the factory or the people who will be relocated and what it would require.”

Governor Habitekego says that the activities to solve the problem of the people who live alongside the factory are ongoing and blueprint has been made.

“A lot is being done to find a long lasting solution to the problem,” the Governor said.

Available information indicates that 2,919 people from 651 families will be affected by this decision.

In addition to the families living on 300 meters of the quarry and 500 meters of the factory, the value of the people’s possessions is about six billion.

Established in 1982, Cimerwa Cement Limited (CCL) is a manufacturer of cement in Rwanda with capacity of approximately 600,000 tons per year.

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