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The Ben and Pamela Say I Do

by KT Press Reporter
4:53 pm

December 23 is a day that will always be celebrated int the life of celebrated artiste Mugisha Benjamin a.k.a The Ben and Uwicyeza Pamella.

Yesterday, the two tied their knot, vowing to live together and only be separated by death or the Second Coming, when Jesus  will come to take his bride, the church.

In the colorful religious wedding at Eglise Vivante-Rebero, the bride and the groom were surrounded by family members, celebrities from all walks of life, including politic and entertainment and friends. Famous artiste and Medical doctor escorted Ben as best man, while on the side of Pamella, she had chosen her elder sister Hilton Sonia to assure her comfort in the busy day.

After using the formal marriage ritual of the church, the Minister of the service Bishop Gataha Straton gave the bride and the groom an opportunity to tell each other words from the deepest of their hearts.

“Love! From today, I vow to stay at your side, in all episodes of our life; the good and the bad. I will value you, cherish you and support you,” The Ben told his bride.

On her side, Pamella took the rare time that will never come again, that she is going to show him the much precious love.

“I hope to please you than you ever knew, and I know, you will do the same to me. You wiped away all the challenges that I went through in life and gave me hope to look forward to the future with a smile. I will stay by your side forever,” she said.

After the religious ceremony, The Ben hosted her bride and the guests at Kigali Convention Centre.

The Introduction took place at Intare Conference Arena, a week ago-December 15.

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