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Rwanda Enters Festivities With Drink Less Challenge  

by Williams Buningwire
4:15 am

As part of end/new year festivities including Christmas, Kigali has been decorated with gleaming Christmas lights and vibrant decorations. There is a festive atmosphere all over the streets; bustling markets, in general, the mood is cheerful.

Taxi parks are also full to capacity with a movement of people travelling up country or coming the capital Kigali to enjoy to the fullest with family members, thus to make treasured memories with loved ones. This is also shopping time where food commodities, beverages, clothes and gift shops are in their best season of the year.

Christmas is celebrated today, December 25, which some people believe is a day when Jesus Christ was born, although his date of birth is not stated in the bible.

Despite this however, Rwandans continue to enjoy Christmas to the utmost. It is more than just the birth of Jesus in communities; it is a time when the entire community comes together to celebrate.

The festive spirit of the holiday season has been dampened in recent years by Covid-19 restrictions that limited public gatherings and celebrations. However, the government has lifted restrictions and there is return to larger and more colorful gatherings this time.

A couple of days ago, the City of Kigali wished merry Christmas and happy new year to the city residents. But, warned people against malpractices that take advantage of this period. Those include illegal constructions, noise pollution, and violence.

“People have to celebrate, but also respect other people’s rights. Respect neighbour’s freedom and comply with laws,” Samuel Dusengiyumva, the newly elected city Mayor said during an end of year press conference.

“It is not the time to construct houses without construction permits,” he added.

Naturally, festivities will be marked by eating, drinking and having fun. However, the government’s effort to campaign for drinking less or quit has not stopped. The message is packaged in the Tunyweless, or drink less alcohol campaign.

The campaign, dubbed “TunyweLess,” aims to reach out to individuals through numerous channels, including social and mainstream media.   The first promotional video for the campaign, which was uploaded this year, showed health minister Dr Sabin Nsanzimana in a pub talking to people about the danger of alcohol.

This Christmas and new year season, the campaign against over drinking resumed on social media.

“If you have to drive, don’t drink. Alcohol circulates in the entire body system. It is not a matter of volume, so long as it is alcohol,” the Ministry of Health wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the operational restrictions for pubs, bars and restaurants were eased this month. During this festive season, especially on weekends, entertainment is expected to be buzzing all the time.

According to a statement signed by RDB CEO Francis Gatare, hospitality companies such as hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs would be allowed to stay up until 2 a.m. on Mondays through Thursdays, and all day on Fridays, weekends and public holidays.

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