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Presidential Campaigns 2024: Kagame Shares His Love Affair With Huye Residents

12:55 pm

Presidential candidates have today continued to tell their supporters to tell what they have in stock for them. RPF flag bearer Paul Kagame headed to the Southern Province and started with Huye district in the morning.

The incumbent Kagame gathered more than 300 thousands people in the parking of Huye Stadium and he poured his heart.

Kagame, the son born to parents who fled the country when he was a toddler under the discriminatory regime told the cheering supporters that as a young boy, he used to infiltrate the country, to come to Huye ( Butare that time). He used to  visit a friend from university of Rwanda and he once made it to Butare stadium and had a different experience.

“The friend took me to a football match where Mukura Victor Sports was facing Panthere Noire. I could see that people were staring at me and I asked the friend that we leave before end of the game,” Kagame said.

” I had learnt that when Panthere Noire looses, it is everyone who is beaten severely.”

From this story, the candidate told Huye supporters: “We have been together before we even knew each other.”

He said that since several decades now, he had the Rwandans, including Huye citizens on heart, but he could not  interact with them, due to the bad politics that cussed a part of Rwandans outside the country.

“We were together since several decades now. Even those who were not born yet, we were together because after birth, you embraced the good politic of RPF which promotes national unity,” Kagame said.

“Do not worry, those bad times will never happen again.”

He said voting the RPF candidate is all about choosing that this never happens again, but when he mentioned the word “voting”, the supporters repeated the famous chorus, “ni wowe” meaning “it’s you!”

Kagame who was mastering his audience greatly responded: “Yes! I agree, after all you are the ones who will achieve the mission that you are giving me.”

Supporters dedicated a roman catholic song to their candidate and said, “…komeza inzira watangiye wicika intege wahisemo neza Nyagasani muri kumwe.” “…proceed with your path relentless without being discouraged. You made a good choice and the Lord is with you.”

The candidate responded: “Worry not! I do not feature on the list of people who get discouraged!”

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