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Rwanda’s Political Landscape: Unmatched Dominance and Future Outlook

by Ignatius R. Kabagambe
12:17 am

Artistes light up a RPF campaign venue during the 2017 presidential elections

As Rwanda gears up for its upcoming elections, social media is increasingly buzzing with songs by Rwandan artists praising RPF’s presidential candidate, Paul Kagame. This vibrant display underscores the ruling party’s unmatched dominance in Rwanda’s political scene over the past 30 years. Observing the RPF’s meticulous mobilization and organization, one might assume it faces significant threats, real or imagined.

Perceived Threats: Real or Imaginary?

There is both a “yes” and “no” to whether the RPF faces any threats. On one hand, the RPF thrives on national consensus regarding Rwanda’s future, requiring a solid belief in its policies and governance processes. Despite occasional opposing rhetoric and disinformation campaigns like Rwanda Classified, the RPF remains vigilant, ensuring that even the intellectually vulnerable, especially the youth, are not swayed by misinformation.

On the other hand, the RPF’s track record in delivering public services speaks for itself. From economic growth and social welfare to good governance and social justice, the results are impressive. Public infrastructure, national security, health insurance for all, affordable education, ICT innovations, women empowerment, and improved life expectancy are just a few areas where the government has exceeded expectations.

Campaigns: A Celebration of Achievements and Promises

For those planning to observe the upcoming three-week campaign period, expect to hear a litany of tangible achievements and exciting promises for the future. Rwandans have become accustomed to a leadership that delivers on its promises, making political rallies a celebration of past successes and future prospects.

The Unique Political Culture of Rwanda

In Rwanda, the saying “politics is a dirty game” is simply alien. The RPF’s slogan, “INVUGO NI YO NGIRO” (meaning “it walks the talk and delivers on its promises”), perfectly encapsulates the country’s political culture. Over the past 30 years, Rwandans have witnessed sustainable progress, making them among the most hopeful citizens in any developing nation.

There has never been a better time to be a Rwandan. With a strong belief in a brighter future, Rwandans increasingly feel that tomorrow will be even better than today. All credit to the RPF for this unwavering sense of optimism.

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