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“You Gave Us Peace”- Ngororero Residents Say As They Welcome RPF Candidate Kagame

by Daniel Sabiiti
12:08 pm

 Thousands of Ngororero residents gathered at Ngororero Stadium have expressed their excrement and support to the flag bearer of  RPF-Inkotanyi presidential candidate, the incumbent Paul Kagame.

The citizens who started walking and taking buses to the campaign site (at Ngororero stadium) as early as 1PM said that they will vote for Kagame because they have been able to get road networks, clean water,electricity, cows among many other developments.

On his arrival to the campaign site, 11h33, the candidate was greeted by the cheering supporters, then a testimony of a young girl.

“If you had not provided education, I would have not gone to school,” testified Dative Musabirema, a finalist of Secondary school.

“I started with just Rwf 25,000 capital my parents gave me and invested in agriculture using the skills I started in school. At the moment, I supply food to the capital Kigali,” Musabirema testified.

Citizen say that Kagame guaranteed peace in their district  that had a dark past marked by insurgents in the post genocide era. Case was in 1997 when students of Groupe Scolaire Nyange were killed for refusing to segregate themselves along ethnic lines.

The Nyange students included 18 students from Senior Five and 29 students from Senior Six. Out of those, six died on spot during the attack while two more died later on, making the number of survivors currently 39.

They have formed Association Komeza Ubutwari, which intends to perpetuate the legacy of heroism in Rwanda.

“He (Kagame) restored our value as Rwandans. We want the good things we have achieved to continue and get even much more,” said Emmanuel Seturatsinze.

Olive Ingabire, a 47-year-old mother who has been suffering from cancer for seven years, says that she is excited to support Kagame because she is able to get almost free medical care using her Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) scheme.

Ingabire says that from face value, no one can know she has cancer but she wants to support President Kagame so that more Rwandans get healthcare.

“If you look at me, you wouldn’t know that I spent seven years with cancer, because of the good leadership we have in healthcare facilities I have come to tell Kagame that I am alive because of his leadership,” Ingabire said.

With cancer treatment covered under CBHI- at Butaro Hospital, King Faisal Hospital and CHUK, Rwanda is now focusing on its nuclear medicine potential as a way of enhancing diagnosis, treatment, and overall healthcare delivery in Rwanda.

Apparently, Ngororero is known as a mineral rich district with various mining activities which have provided jobs and livelihoods for many residents.

In the RPF-Inkotanyi coalition manifesto, the party plans to expand the Muhororo hospital in the Ngororero District as a way of extending healthcare services to many and neighbouring community.

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