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“We Are Stronger Together Under The RPF Coalition”- Candidate Kagame To Kayonza Residents

by Daniel Sabiiti
5:30 pm

At Nyagatove site, RPF Coalition Candidate Kagame told the people of Kayonza and surrounding districts that the best is yet to come.

Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkotanyi) coalition candidate and incumbent, Paul Kagame has said that collaborating with other parties has made the party more stronger than ever and it is time for Rwanda to build its own politics that suit her interests.

Kagame made the remarks while rallying citizens from Kayonza district- an area which has overcome its past challenges of poverty, lack of access to clean water and other challenges to develop into a model district that has become a tourism hotspot thanks to the nearby Akagera National Park and other attractions like Lake Muhazi.

The incumbent Head of State seeking re-election in the July 15 polls said that RPF Inkotanyi is strong and a force to reckon with but with the coalition it is much stronger.

“What we have overcome and what we have achieved is because of citizens. Leading you Rwandans is not comparable, and leading RPF is not comparable too,” he said.

Kayonza residents testified the progress the district has undergone, telling Kagame that because of his leadership they no longer fetch water in swamps, lakes and ponds, dodging crocodiles and leeches in the environs of Lake Muhazi, thanks to the clean water sources the government put in place.

Due to modern farming and access to water, they said their livestock is no longer affected by drought and productivity has increased, while new infrastructure such as roads, have eased access to markets.

More than 280,000 people attended the rally in Nyagatove, Kayonza district.

“The water issue in Kayonza is history. We used to fetch dirty water in swamps, and our animals had no water which resulted in loss of livestock; but this has changed, we are now using pumps,” said Anita Mutesi, one of the RPF Members and former Member of Parliament, who campaigned for Kagame in Kayonza.

Mutesi said that there is a lot that citizens of Kayonza and surrounding districts of Rwamagana, Gatsibo and Ngoma, are proud of, achieved under the RPF Inkotanyi leadership, including good roads connecting them to the rest of the province, a thriving tourism industry and communities benefiting from the tourism and conservation revenues and more expected to come in the future since Kagame has a farm home along Lake Muhazi.

As a good neighbour in Kayonza, Kagame, who has for long owned a farm in the district, said that he is aiming at seeing things happen faster over the next five years, now that the Province has gone over its past challenges, including isolation from the rest of the country, promising the massive crowd that more is coming.

“To reach that good future we need to build peace, which we already did; We need a political system- which we are now building. That will be in the vote- vote for unity, democracy and development. I did not come here to just seek your votes because you have already decided, but I am also here to tell you that we will continue this journey together, and that good things are on the way for all of us,” Kagame said.

Kagame said that the next five years will come with more benefits.

Anita Mutesi highlighted the many achievements the districts of Kayonza, Rwamagana, Ngoma and Gatsibo, have registered under RPF Inkotanyi.

A man dances as ahead of President Kagame’s arrival.

The women of Kayonza with traditional milk pots to celebrate increased milk production.

No one was left behind.

Dressed for the occasion.


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