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Kigali Today Trains Local Journalists

5:56 pm
James Akena a veteran photojournalist conducting training

James Akena a veteran photojournalist conducting training

Kigali Today Ltd has taken matters into its hands to address the lack of enough skilled journalists in the industry.

“We have decided to find solutions to the problem,” says Prosper Bitembeka, the Coordinator of Kigali Today Ltd Training Center and Director of Radio Department.

Bitembeka said those who are trained will acquire skills to find employment, self-employ or create jobs. “Some members are from the media fraternity seeking to sharpen their skills, others are random trainees seeking skills to find employment.”

In partnership with Workforce Development Authority (WDA), 30 trainees are undergoing specialized training in photojournalism, a short course with hands on skills.

James Akena, a legendary photographer with Reuters- a global media agency, with two co-trainers, is conducting the training. He will share his 22 years of photojournalism experience, which he started at age 14.

He told trainees who are going to spend 30 days of rigorous training on how to improve their skills in the field of photojournalism that the main objective of this  short course is that by the end of training,  “all trainees are able to be employed  in different media house and also doing commercial photography.”

Each of the trainees has access to a computer installed with all required software, connected to 4G internet and high quality 5D model cameras.

Egide Kayitera, a trainee from the Rwanda association of photography had never attended school of journalism. Apart from a few self-taught techniques, and getting some contracts to photo-shoot weddings, he has never been trained, professionally.

Kayitera says he got used to the camera and people started hiring him shoot on weddings and other parties.

However, Kayitera  told KT Press that whenever he applied for a job he would not be granted since he had no document to submit.

He says he is happy that after this training he will attain a certificate.

Djamilla Uwera, the only female trainee from Ejo youth echo, says she started taking pictures using a phone at birthday parties of her friends. She later met a friend who was a photographer that helped her to learn photography.

Niyanzima Mose  of Rwanda.com  entertainment says this training will help him acquire skills  also create  contacts. After the training, students will organise a photo exhibition.

Meanwhile, Bitembeka said Kigali Today Ltd conducts various training courses including a just concluded course for 30 students on Radio techniques and transmission.

“We have a skills gap, and Kigali Today Ltd has agreed to partner with WDA to fill the gap in line with the National Employment program,” says Bitembeka.