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Kagame Rejects He Will Be President For life

by Magnus Mazimpaka
1:28 pm
Kagame Rejects He Will Be President For Life

President Paul kagame casting his vote at Rugunga polling station

President Paul Kagame this morning cast his vote in a referendum aimed at endorsing a revised constitution.

Kagame dipped his thumb in ink and pressed on the ballot paper to exercise his civic right, voting.

The president was accompanied by the First Lady Jeannette Kagame and their daughter Ange Kagame, at Rugunga polling station, about a mile from their home.

Shortly after voting, the president spoke to the press.

The media sought for Kagame’s views on the exercise and what he hoped for. ” You go and ask Rwandans why they are doing this”, he said and added that, ” What is happening is people’s choice”.

When asked whether he intends to be president for life he said, “No. I don’t want”.

More than four million Rwandan voters requested for amendment of the 2003 constitution to lift a limit on presidential terms. The constitution allowed only two 7-year non renewable terms for a president.

The petitioners desire to have President Kagame continue ruling owing to his success in overseeing transformation of the country.

However, Journalists asked President Kagame whether he was grooming successor and he answered..”you want to apply?”

Probed further whether he will engage in the forthcoming presidential elections, Kagame  said, “I don’t know, we will see when time comes.”

However, journalists told him that everyone believes that’s the full conclusion ! He replied ..”Maybe!”

The unrelenting journalists inquired, if  he was be run again and what he will offer Rwandans if voted? He said…”look at the records, we can build from that and know”.

On his future plans for Rwandans, Kagame told reporters that; “what future do they have for themselves. Not me holding their future.  They have future in their own hands.”

President Kagame had in the past weeks promised that After referendum results he would officially announce whether he will vie for the 2017 presidential elections.

This Morning after casting his vote, President Kagame told reporters that the world should expect his announcement on the matter …”Any time.”

It rained immediately after he left.

Kagame Rejects He Will Be President For Life

President kagame shown the ballot

Kagame Rejects He Will Be President For Life

Polling assistant checks through the voters register as First Lady waits

President Kagame getting inked

President Kagame getting inked