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New Genocide Suspect Arrested in Denmark

5:38 pm

If Twagirayezu is extradited, he will join Emmanuel Mbarushimana (here pictured), the first Genocide suspect to be extradited from Denmark

Danish Authorities have arrested another Rwandan-Danish national in connection with crimes committed during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.

The suspect identified as Wenceslas Twagirayezu is a 49-year-old man arrested on Tuesday upon an extradition request from Rwanda. He has been hiding for 16 years in Nordic countries.

According to  Danish authorities, Twagirayezu is suspected of participating in the massacre of over 1000 victims in a church and University.

Twenty three years ago, over a million lives were lost in just 100 days in a genocide against Tutsi. Perpetrators fled to various countries but Rwanda has sent several arrest warrants to capture suspects.

Rwanda has sent three extradition warrants to Denmark. So far only one suspect- Emmanuel Mbarushimana has been sent to Rwanda for trial. His case is ongoing at the special chamber of the high court in Kigali.

Sylvere Ahorugeze, another suspect (whose case is pending) was referred to Rwanda in 2011 by European court of human rights and apprehended in Sweden but returned to Denmark after a court appeal overruled his extradition procedures.

Twagirayezu is set to be extradited to Rwanda to face justice, following an investigation into his arrest, according to Danish prosecution.

Danish Prosecutor Martin Stassen said that there was sufficient evidence to have him extradited.

Stassen said, “After a very thorough investigation, it is (our) opinion that there is a basis for his extradition.”

Meanwhile, Mbarushimana, the other suspect was extradited in 2014 after years of being granted Danish asylum in 2001 under the false name of Emmanuel Kunda.

Mbarushimana faces charges of genocide, complicity in genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, murder and extermination, crimes allegedly committed in the former Muganza commune (district) in the then Butare prefecture.

According to prosecution, 673 indictments have been issued through the Genocide Fugitives Tracking Unit (GFTU). The list contains indictments and arrest warrants issued in 32 countries.

So far, 17 suspects have been extradited to Rwanda through extraditions, ICTR transfers, and deportations while 21 have been tried in Belgium, Canada, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and The Netherlands.