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‘Expo’ 2017 Brings Affordable Houses

by Kalinda Brenda
8:23 pm

Solutions to affordable housing could not be far away but at the forthcoming Kigali International Trade fair.

From August 22nd up to September 6th all focus will be at Gikondo Expo ground for the 2017 edition which is also offer opportunities to small income earners in Kigali city to own a home from the batch of affordable housing.

According to Private Sector Federation (PSF), ‘Affordable Housing Promotion’ will be part of this year’s trade fair.

It will showcase, among others, how easy a tenant can become a landlord.

Eric Kabera, Head of Communication in PSF told KT Press on Tuesday, “For the first time we will have a special stand to showcase affordable houses in Rwanda,” he said.

“People will get to discover how they can build their own houses in the easiest and cheapest way. Houses worth Rwf 8 million will be showcased.”

Kabera further explained that the ultimate goal is to allow any civil servant to own a house.

“The purpose is to convince people that they can start building their own houses,” he said, adding that they are looking forward to attracting investors as well.

About 500 local and International firms are expected to showcase their products and services at the expo.

Over 270,000 visitors are expected to attend the 20th International Trade Fair.

According to the organizers, the trade fair will generate 3,000 employment opportunities for youth.

Rwanda’s locally made products will be exhibited at the International Trade fair hence promoting ‘Made in Rwanda’ brand- Local manufacturers and producers will be looking to enhance quality standards, branding and packaging along the value chain.

“It is a continuous journey, we are giving a chance to local producers to network and learn from each other especially in technology transfer, and business innovation,” Kabera said.

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