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I Was Tired of Explaining Ingabire Case, I wrote a Book – Mukurarinda

by Oswald Niyonzima
10:25 am

Qui Manipule Qui, the Book by Alain Mukurarinda

The lead prosecutor in the years-long government case against Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza says in new book that it contains evidence that can be used to open new case against her.

Alain Mukuralinda said Thursday while unveiling the book written over more than two years that it will also save him the energy of having to explain over and over the legitimacy of the trial of imprisoned Victoire Ingabire. She is serving a 15-year sentence for a host of serious cases.

“I no longer want to discuss Ingabire’s trial with anyone before they read. Whoever wants to discuss this should read this book and compare it with Ingabire’s book and then come for debate,” Mukuralinda said.

The book titled ‘Qui Manipule Qui? is in its original French version, loosely translated as Who is Manipulating Who?

In 2015, just two years after the Supreme Court concluded Victoire Ingabire’s trial where she was sentenced to 15 years in jail for attempts to overthrow the government among others, former Prosecution Spokesperson who was government attorney in the trial got a study leave to The Netherlands.

The Netherlands is the country that had offered Victoire Ingabire safe haven until 2010 when she came back to Rwanda to try and register her party – FDU Inkingi, and to run for presidency.

Upon reaching The Netherlands, Mukurarinda says he faced serious threats from Ingabire Victoire’s friends which inspired him.

“They all started saying they would be always demonstrating in front of my house to show that I incriminated their own Ingabire on baseless accusations; her fans are guided by little knowledge of the case and so many emotions,” Mukurarinda said during the book launch.

The supporters of the jailed politician also physically ganged against Mukurarinda.

“In public gatherings, among family where I could go to visit friends, I was always asked to explain about Ingabire’s trial,” he said adding that people had taken it personal on him, while the trial involved quite a number of people.

“I decided to write this book to present facts of the trial,” Mukurarinda said, revealing that he does not want to draw a conclusion on the ruling, but to let people read and draw their own conclusion.

In “Qui Manipule Qui?” Mukuralinda describes the hearings in Ingabire’s trial including her contradictions about her correspondence with co-accused and witnesses.

Alain Mukurarinda during the presentation of his book

During the hearings, Ingabire had denied of knowing her co-accused including Vital Uwumuremye, Tharcisse Nditurende, Habiyaremye and Jean Marie Vianney Kabuta.

However, emails that were discovered revealed all their military plans to overthrow Rwanda government, conniving with FDLR militia.

The 226 pages book reveals several other factors someone needs to know by reading it and is now available at Librairie Caritas and Ikirezi Library in Kigali .

The book’s annexe presents evidences of Ingabire’s terrorism activities including western union money transactions to FDLR in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It also shows evidence of how different countries including Netherlands, DRC and Burundi cooperated to bring evidence incriminating Ingabire and her co-accused.

For example, Netherlands and DRC provided Western Union data in regard to Ingabire’s money transfer to DRC using different people in her network.

Apart from Vital Uwumuremyi who repatriated during the “Umoja Wetu Operation”, an operation of Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) and DRC army (FARDC) to hunt down militias in DRC including FDLR, the other co-accused were deported by Burundi in August 2009, just six months before Ingabire arrived in Rwanda.

“We had already checked their emails and we knew that they were networking,” he said revealing how Ingabire tried to deny of knowing them.

Mukurarinda said the book is already yielding good results because of all those who blamed him of fabricating evidences to incriminate Ingabire no longer confront him after reading “Qui manipule qui?”

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