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COVID-19: Rwanda Confirms 11 New Cases from Three Clusters

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:32 pm

L-R: Kigali, Rusizi, Rusumo where the 11 new COVID-19 cases were reported from

Rwanda has registered 11 New COVID-19 cases from the same areas as yesterday, giving a confirmation that the pandemic is still around.

“New cases are in Rusizi (8), Kigali (1), Kirehe (2),” reported the Ministry of health on Tuesday, a day that follows the highest number(54) ever reported in one day.

The new cases brought the total confirmed cases to 798 and the recovered patients, 371 including one on Tuesday.

Active cases keep increasing; they have now turned to 435 while recorded deaths over the last three months are two.

On Tuesday, the COVID-19 tracking team conducted 4,568 tests, which is a big record because the average number of tests has been of 2,500 since a couple of weeks.

“Some improvement. 11 cases in 4500 samples!good Job,” tweets one Dr. Tuyisenge David.

The community across the country is thankful to the people involved in the whole process and they believe that in the end, the country will win.

“Good job Minisite and RBC especially with the number of tests, but Rusizi cluster is so alarming, control of influx and outflux is not that easy, but anyways there is Hope,” writes Moses Kamanzi.

“God bless our Country,” writes Muhire Lionel.

With 9,289,569 COVID-19 cases reported by June 23, it is clear, the numbers could reach 10 million any time soon.

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