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Int’l NGOs Donate $9.2M to Support Economic Recovery 

by Daniel Sabiiti
5:45 pm

The Network of International Non-Governmental Organisations (NINGOs) operating in Rwanda have solicited  $9.2million (approximately Rwf8.7 billion) towards efforts to fight COVID-19. 

The contribution, both in cash and in kind, was directed towards seven critical sectors, with agriculture and health taking the biggest shares.

In order to deal with the recovery efforts, both the agriculture and livelihoods segments received $5m which will be shared in various aspects in form of food supplies, cash transfers and support to farmers, vendors, saving groups as well as research studies on the impact of COVID-19. 

The cross sector activities received $818,840 for capacity building, non-medical supplies, risk communication and social behavior change communication.

WASH specific activities received support worth $55,058, education related activities received $306,796, emergency management received support worth $285,149 and Gender and Family Promotion got $43,248.

The chairperson of NINGO, Papa Diouf said that the support is aimed at strengthening joint efforts with the government and its partners to support vulnerable households and communities against the impact of COVID-19.

“We have always had a great partnership with the government and other development partners and we believe our joint efforts will rebuild households to absorb the shock created by this pandemic,” Diouf said in a statement.

Diouf said that the Sampled funds were mobilized from 50 of the 84 members in the network through repurposing of existing budget, provision of additional funds for COVID-19 and through staff contribution.  

The funding comes at a time when government has also set up a Covid19 Economy Recovery Fund which initially has raised Rwf100billion ($100m) and expected to increase its base to over Rwf200 billion.