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Alyn Sano Drops ‘Kontorola’ Remix Video Featuring Kenya’s Femi One

by Andrew Shyaka
12:21 am

Singer Alyn Sano is making a region breakthrough

By Andrew Shyaka

She is arguably one of the leading female vocalists in Rwanda, if not the best, and she is Kenya’s fast rising popular female rapper. Put them together and the results will be amazing.

That is what happened when Rwanda’s Alyn Sano paired up with Kenya’s Femi One for the remix of ‘Kontorola’ which was released a couple of days ago.

Alyn Sano finally premiered the much anticipated ‘Kontorola’ remix video featuring Kenya’s leading female rapper, much known for the hit ‘Utawezana’.

The new video features renowned radio personality and MC Martin Kasirye, commonly known as MC Tino, who acts as Sano’s boyfriend.

MC Tino features as Alyn Sano’s boyfriend.

Each artiste shot her own part of the video from their respective locations due to New Coronavirus restrictions on travel and the producer just got the two parts together to create the saucy video.

Alyn Sano approached Femi One via instagram for a possible collabo from fast rising Kenyan femcee, by surprise she found Femi already in love with ‘Kontorola’ song which made it easier for Sano to work on a collaboration.

“It’s me who first contacted Femi for a collabo and by surprise, she replied to me saying she was already in love with the song. If it wasn’t for COVID-19, we would have met to shoot the video together, but it’s not possible at the time and we couldn’t wait to release it,” says Sano.

Alyn Sano believes the song will expand her music across the region and she hopes it will take her places given the fact that, Femi One is one of the female acts selling in Kenya and the moment.

Femi One is a fast rising Kenyan female rapper

Alyn Sano started her music career in a church choir but soon she came onto the music scene when she was invited by her role model and Tusker Project Fame winner Hope Irakoze on stage to sing with him. Since then she hasn’t looked back.

It is not only Femi One who has recognized Alyn Sano’s talent but also Africa’s music icon Chaka Chaka praised her during a performance in Kigali in 2019 and pledged to support her to see her dream come true.

Alyn Sano is considered one of the most gifted Rwandan artistes but the singer has been juggling studies with music. She has vowed to take her music to the next level.

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