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Please Do Not Distort Message In My Songs – Mico the Best

by Andrew Shyaka
8:59 pm


Afrobeat artist Mico The Best warns people to stop putting words into his mouth by changing his song lyrics or misleading the public about the real message in songs like Igare and Amabiya.

Mico The Best cleared the air live at KT Radio while premiering his new song dubbed Amabiya meaning beers.

The song was received with mixed reactions on social media.

“People should stop changing my songs or telling lies about my songs. Every artiste has his or her own style of writing down songs depending on the message he wants to put out for the public and that’s what makes us different in front of music fans. By the way, my music has a positive message towards the society,” says Mico.

“This particular song Amabiya talks about the reality of beer consumers like the way they waste money by buying beers to random people and this is followed by morning hangovers.”

The Igare hit maker is one of the best songwriter and he has been credited by established music stars like Bruce Melody , The Ben and Alpha Rwirangira.

He is also credited for penning down summer hit songs like Saa Moya and many more.

The singer was paid more than Rwf 1 million to pen down the Saa Moya song by Bruce Melody.

Mico Also talked about working on a new album which will come out when the pandemic is eased.

Currently he is focusing on producing singles to keep his fans hooked as he works on the new album.

Mico The Best boasts of songs like Umutaka, Igare and his latest song dubbed Amabiya.

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