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Five RDF Personnel Promoted to Colonel

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
2:08 am

Colonel Francis Regis Gatarayiha

President Paul Kagame in his Capacity of Commander in Chief of Rwanda Defence Force(RDF) has promoted five officers from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel.

Lieutenant Colonel Francis Regis Gatarayiha who is fresh from Rwanda Directorate of Immigration and Emmigration was promoted Colonel and appointed Head of Communications, Electronic and Cyber Security Department in the RDF.

Colonel Patrick Nyirishema

Also promoted to the rank of Colonel are Lieutenant Colonel Karangwa Caple Mwezi, Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Nyirishema who was Director General of Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority untilĀ  mid December last year(2020).

Lieutenant Colonel Aimable Rudahunga was also promoted Colonel.

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