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Rapper Jay Passes On

by Andrew Shyaka
8:09 am

Jay Polly(RIP) at KT Radio in a past show with the writer

Hip-hop star Jay Polly has breathed his last in the wee hours of Thursday at Muhima hospital, a family member has confirmed.

According to the news doing rounds on social media, the famed rapper was rushed to Muhima hospital suffering from headache.

Local radio station Radio 1 and TV 1 broke the story claiming that the rapper who was been in jail since April was whisked from prison by ambulance to Muhima hospital complaining about headache and vomiting, and later was pronounced dead at around 3am this Thursday.

Right at press time, his brother confirmed the death without further details. Initial reports indicate that Jay Polly and three fellow inmates drunk a toxic illicit concoction from jail which led to stomach pains. Though his colleagues were able to recover, reports say Jay Polly’s condition deteriorated and he later passed on.

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