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Rwandans Celebrate Christmas In Style, Clerics Call For Love And Compassion

by Daniel Sabiiti
4:15 am

Cardinal Kambanda sent out a message of love.


Rwandans on Sunday joined the rest of the world to mark Christmas day in style, with many turning to God to be thankful for the year that was while feasting, fun games and a sold out concert of Israel Mbonyi characterized the day.

The evening of December 24, 2022 is the one in which many Christians and believers organize performances leading up to Christmas and prepare for the birth of Jesus, the Christ.

In the city of Kigali in particular, different religions and churches organized special evenings to bring their members into the Christmas season mood and usher in the birth of Jesus the Christ into their hearts.

These are the performances that precede the actual day of Jesus’ birthday.

In different churches Christians Eve celebrations were in high spiritual gear from the Catholic Church, Pentecostals (ADEPR), Zion Temple, River of Joy and Hope Ministries and many more other places of worship.

At St Michel Church in Kigali, the Archbishop of Kigali, Cardinal Antoine  Kambanda, asked Christians to share the joy of Christmas with everyone, especially the poor, so that the born Jesus can reach everyone while at Zion Temple, Apostle Paul Gitwaza called for compassion, akin to that shown by Jesus Christ.

Pastor Gitwaza and congregants.

Newborn Christmas Babies

King Faisal Hospital (KFH) four girls and one boy- they are also good, according to Eugenie Mbabazi- the Director of Maternity at KFH

Three children (two boys and one girl) were born on Christmas Day at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK) according to the Hospital Director, Lt Col. Dr. Tharcisse Mpunga

“They (new babies) are safe and healthy,” said Dr. Mpunga.

At Muhima Hospital, one of the common facilities where children are born in Kigali, they had 16 children born (including 9 girls) on Christmas day and four of them were born through a C-Section, however doctors say that all the children are doing well.

At Gatunda District Hospital, in Nyagatare district also had one baby girl child born on Christmas day and she was also reported to be healthy and in good shape.

In Ruhengeri hospital, there were 15 new born babies (9 boys and 6 girls) on Christmas day and five of these were born after their mothers underwent cesarean section (C-Section) however medics stated that all the children were born healthy.

By press time, we could ascertain the real number of children born on Christmas day, however last year, 40 babies were born on December 25 across the City of Kigali alone. In Gisenyi Hospital, 10 children were born, five girls and five boys.

Social media Christmas wishes

Former President of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB), Dr. Donald Kaberuka wished special greetings and best wishes to fellow cattle farmers as he posted photos of himself in his cattle farm in Rwanda.

The First Daughter Ange Kagame also posted photos of her Ndengeyingomas family and their two children. She said: “Happy Holidays from our grateful hearts to yours -The Ndengeyingomas- Ange Kagame said on Twitter

The Ndengeyingomas- Ange Kagame and Family.

From our very own Kigali Today Ltd, staff and managers gathered to wish their listeners and reader a Merry Christmas and posted tweets saying:

“A fun way to add a little festive mood to the newsroom. Kigali Today Ltd wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

“I wish you all (Rwandans) a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023”, said Dr. Augustin Iyamuremye, the former President of Senate-Rwanda: (17Oct, 2019-9Dec 2022) who resigned from his duties recently over health reasons and is also currently on a treatment.

Miss Rwanda 2022, Nshuti Muheto Divine spent her holidays with disabled children at Aveh Umurerwa- a Rwandan not-for-profit organization that promotes the rights of disabled children and their families located in Nyamata, Bugesera district.

Miss Rwanda 2022 Divine Nshuti Muheto and children.

“I wouldn’t have spent it any other way, just like I did…. right here, sharing a light moment and putting a smile on these kids’ faces…Thank you AVEH UMURERWA.

Even as a Muslim, Abdul Karim Harelimana, Member Rwanda Elders Advisory Forum (REAF) and former Legislator at EALA used one of his favorite sporting games- boxing- to wish Rwandans a festive season.

Harelimana posted photos of young flamboyant boxers and the next champions to be in the games and competitions taking place at Rafiki Club in Nyarugenge, in Kigali city

“As others enjoy the end of year season with different entertaining activities, at Rafiki club our young ones are showing their parents, friends and the entire Nyarugenge residents their talents in BOXING. Prizes are here for winners. Mohamed Ali’s in the making”

Also Merry Christmas greetings came in from the Champions Sports Academy- a space for children between 4-17 years to learn Karate and use it to become upright and disciplined citizens.

Kigali Today staff.

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