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Third MP Resigns from Rwanda Parliament

by Daniel Sabiiti
1:23 pm

MP Ernest Kamanzi

Another Member of Parliament (MP) Ernest Kamanzi has resigned from his duties in the Chamber of Deputies, becoming the third to resign this year.

News of his resignation were confirmed by Vice President of the Lower Chamber Mussa Fazil Harerimana to Rwanda Broadcasting Agency(RBA).

Kamanzi is said to have thrown in the towel (resign) for personal reasons however KTPress has established that he resignation is related to cases of alcoholism.

Reliable sources say that Kamanzi was recently arrested and detained in Huye district for being drunk while he was with other MPs on an oversight field visit.

Kamanzi was a Youth Representative in the parliament hailing from Kamonyi district. From 20016- 2018, he was Member of Kamonyi District Council and Coordinator of the National Youth Council in Kamonyi District

From 2017- 2018 he was Member of Audit Committee/ Kamonyi District council and secretary of Good Governance Commission/ Kamonyi District council.

From 2017- 2018, he served as Representative of the National Youth Council in Southern Province and from 2017- 2018, Vice President of Pan-African Movement in Kamonyi District.

Other MPs who resigned this year, following the same circumstances include Gamariel Mbonimana and Jean Pierre Celestin Habiyaremye.

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