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President Kagame ‘Increasingly Prepared To Go Home and Have Some Rest’

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
12:11 pm

President Paul Kagame in a past meeting with presidential advisory council

President Paul Kagame has said that he is not so much worried about the next year presidential elections, and it is not one of the things that really takes his time.

The president was answering a question of a journalist who asked him in the context of presidential elections due next year, whether he has prepared someone to take over the global, regional and domestic challenges that are affecting the country.

“Why not prepared myself as well,” answered the president with laughter.

The president is eligible according to Rwanda’s constitution that was amended in 2015.

“Someone needs to prepare himself or herself and if they need my support I will give to them, but it’s not a big challenge for me,” Kagame said.

“With time, I am increasingly prepared to go home and have some rest. So, about what happens next year for elections, I am not so much worried. I am at peace with myself and everything that will happen in regard to that next year…that’s not one of the things that really take my time.”

Another journalist made a follow up on the question, seeking to know whether the President is running for presidential elections next year, and the president answered him: “To be honest I don’t know. But, when I say I don’t know, it means it is either way. It could be, maybe it won’t be. So, go home with fifty – fifty.”

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