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ICYMI: A Colorful and Entertaining Week That Was

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Entertainment and sport lovers will end this month with strong memories from favorite events and stars who made their week one of the best ever.

May 21 to May 28 was the most busy week of the month when scores of fans flocked to stadiums and arenas where teams expected to shape their fate.

Sunday May 28, the last day of the championship was a day to watch. Three Rwanda Premier League title contenders were still making some calculations on day 30 on how possibly they would lift the trophy though for some, it was quiet far fetching for one them.

Kiyovu Sports and APR FC were the favorite because until the final day, both of them were level points,  but the last game was the only way to decide the champions.

APR FC did not want to concede defeat but was looking forward to registering the 21st trophy in club’s history and 4 consecutive titles.

On the other side, Kiyovu Sports wanted to clear curse by winning a title after 30 years without a single medal in Rwanda National League.

The allegedly most popular club in Rwanda, Rayon Sports on third position however were also betting on the loss of Kiyovu and APR to come behind and win the league.

In fact, this was impossible according to the fixtures featuring the two table leaders.

Them came the games. At Kigali Pele Stadium, APR FC had to lock horns against Gorilla FC which had nothing to loose as they ranked nine with 39 points, thus 21 points behind the opponent.Nshuti Innocent and Ruboneka Jean Bosco were the heroes of APR as they scored on 32nd minute and 89th minute respectively while Victor Murdah scored the lonely goal for Gorilla.

At Muhanga stadium in Southern Province, Kiyovu Sports also did not disappoint in front of Rutsiro which was struggling to escape from relegation.Kiyovu Sports beat them 3-1 and celebrated knowing that the results would not help them lift this season’s trophy as they could not close the huge gap of goal difference( 9 goals) between them and APR FC.

Nshuti Innocent celebrating his goal

A way from football, another event that attracted the crowds was the final of Basketball Africa League(BAL).

This is also a historical event that has got a lot to remember as the ticket sold out twice on first game including the host REG BBC Vs the Egyptian Champion Al Ahly and on the final day when the later crashed with AS Douane of Senegal. During the first day of BAL final at BK Arena, Rwandan champions REG who had pledged to bring the trophy home was eliminated by Al Ahly 94-77.

Al Ahly, Egyptian defending champions proved their maturity in front the host team fans who had flocked at BK Arena,the 10,000 seats facility which was full to capacity. President of Rwanda Paul Kagame who is a traditional supporter of local sports was among the attendees of the opening game alongside the President of BAL Amadou Gallo Fall.

Fans celebrating basketball

Adonis Filer of REG in action

Rwanda hosted BAL finals for the third consecutive season

In the final game Al Ahly locked horns against Senegalese AS Douane which ended 80-65 in favour of Al Ahly.

The later became the third arabic club to secure the BAL after Zamalec of Egypt and US Monastir of Tunisia. This was the first time of Al Ahly in BAL since the launch of the competition in 2021.

++Basket ball in Rwanda could be a game to watch in future when you consider the investment that it is attracting. On the sideline of BAL, President Kagame, the First Lady Jeannette Kagame and the president of BAL Amadou Garou Fall launched a new basketball court in Kimironko-Kigali.

The court was built in partnership with Basketball Africa League, Imbuto Foundation and Ministry of Sports. It is a 3-in-one court since it can also host volleyball and handball games.

All photos by Moise Niyonzima

ifting their 21st trophy

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