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Woman Gives Birth At RPF Campaign Rally, Names Her Baby Boy Kagame

by Dan Ngabonziza
1:24 pm

The mother of Ian Kagame Mwizerwa surrounded by a nurse and the mayor of Muhanga district, (L&R)

On a sunny afternoon in Muhanga District, Southern Rwanda, Marie Goreth Kamugisha joined a bustling rally, where President Paul Kagame and Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF Inkotanyi flag bearer) was scheduled to campaign.

Surrounded by fellow supporters, she clapped and cheered with enthusiasm, her belly gently swaying to the rhythm of the chants.

But as Kagame took the stage and began speaking about Rwanda’s future, Marie Goreth Kamugisha felt a sudden tightening in her abdomen.

Labor pains gripped her fiercely, catching her by surprise. She staggered back, clutching her belly, as concerned supporters rushed to her aid.

Amidst the commotion, someone shouted for a doctor, and a team of Community Health Workers at the campaign site swiftly guided her to a nearby makeshift clinic.

In the midst of her pain, Kamugisha remained remarkably composed. She was determined to bring her child into the world during such a momentous occasion.

Kamugisha’s husband was thankful for the firstborn

Coincidentally, at this particular rally, the RPF candidate, incumbent Paul Kagame told supporters that he agrees with someone who had earlier said, that Rwandans are free to multiply.

He said that RPF philosophy believes that the country can accommodate all its sons and daughters, provided that they work hard to keep development momentum. This defies the notorious statement of a former president of Rwanda who once said that Rwanda was full like a glass of water and could not afford returning refugees.

Hours after Kagame left the campaign trail, amidst cheers and tears of joy, Kamugisha gave birth to a healthy baby boy from the nearby Kabgayi hospital where she was transported aboard a well equipped ambulance, and named him “Ian Kagame Mwizerwa”.

Exhausted but elated, she cradled her newborn son close to her chest as RPF leaders and supporters in Muhanga District visited her at the hospital.

They came with gifts of all kinds, and on top of them, gave her a cow that will provide milk for the family, including the newborn.

The news of a mother naming her child after President Kagame’s son, Ian Kagame, spread across social media platforms.

The story of Kamugisha and her baby Kagame has become a heartwarming tale on social media.

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