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No Worries about Numbers-Candidate Mpayimana

by Daniel Sabiiti
9:02 pm

The only independent candidate vying for presidency in Rwanda, Philippe Mpayimana has told voters in Gasaka, Nyamagabe district that his concern is not about huge numbers listening to him, but a sample of people who can serve him as ambassadors.

He told Nyamagabe supporters not to worry about the numbers but to listen to what he has to say and pass on the message to others.

“We still have a week of campaigns, tell others to come and if they don’t come, let’s deliver the message,” he said.

Philippe Mpayimana campaigning in Rusizi district

Mpayimana told KT Press, that 300 supporters attended his rally in Nyamagabe. Later in the day, he was in Rusizi district where he also said, 500 supporters came to listen to his manifesto.

“To me, 300 supporters are equal to a million. I call it big achievement,” Mpayimana said.

The independent candidate said if he is voted, he will slash taxes.

Mpayimana also said that media allegations about his odd relationship with other candidates are unfounded.

“I have no grudge between me and other candidates. We are all competing for this position (presidency) in the interest of the country. When I come back we shall be celebrating and you will be witnesses,” Mpayimana said.

“I am the person Mpayimana you have been hearing about. I want to see this country develop rather than going backwards,” Mpayimana said.

Philippe Mpayimana Campaigns in Nyamagabe district

For the first time since the campaigns started, Mpayimana talked about his private life and his carrier.

He said he has four children, is an author, a poet and one who “groomed leadership potential through practicing as a Rwandan journalist for a long time.”

He told voters that were listening to him that no one should fear expressing that they support him.

“Don’t fear, those who want to vote for me should do so. There is no one who will hurt you if you speak about me in public. That shouldn’t and will not happen,” he said.

Mpayimana who carries a mega phone to all his rallies attracted some supporters in Nyamagabe compared to previous rallies where he just walked alone on streets.


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