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Seven Things to Do at First Lady’s Children’s Party

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:03 pm

Rwanda’s First Lady Jeannette Kagame has hosted more than 200 children at the annual end of year children’s party to wish them Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2020.

A journalist who has been covering this event, a child who was blessed to attend it for a couple of years may agree with us that this is the to do list for every child once at the venue.

Nevertheless, the list is probably not exhaustive

  1. Networking

The children come from a wide range of background, from across the 30 districts of the country as delegates of their colleagues, and others from Urugwiro staff members.

For a child from Ngoma district, not having a chat with his/her colleagues from Huye district or vice versa to know how education is like in their home town, how parents teach their children to behave in this situation or that, is a loss.

Or, as earlier said for these two children, not having a chat with Kigali city colleagues to understand city life is also not wise.

In other words, the organizer is not just looking at numbers, but at outcome, how the children would learn from each others.

2. Entertaining

At the event, you don’t want to sit and watch others entertain the guests. However, you bring your talent, do what you know best so that your colleagues wish to have you the following year. Who knows? Even the organizer would consider inviting you for another year. In the end, you meet new friends, new.

3. Sharing

Of all annual end of year children’s party, there has never been a time when good lunch was not shared. And of course, a cake wraps it up all. That photo with the First Lady cutting the cake is iconic of the event.

Well, hundreds of children cannot be on that table at ago, but it is always beautiful when you get an opportunity to be part of it. I mean, do not fight to pose in that photo next time. Order should prevail in any case.

4. Having fun, feeling at home

The First Lady is a parent, loving mother. She loves children and that’s why she socialises with them, because she also wants them to have fun with each other.

Leaving this place unhappy would mean, you did not take on the opportunity with seriousness.

5. Playing, showing what you do best

Acrobats entertain the guests, but any other child also get an opportunity to enjoy children’s game. What’s your best game? You can enjoy everything that is offered, still without undermining the established order.

If parents/organizers ask you to do this and not that, it means, they know the reason. Remember, everyone there loves you so much.

6. Minding your gift

Have you seen any annual end year children’s party that went with no gift? No one. That bag of school kits, the books and any other gift from the hands of the First Lady, is a valuable asset to you. Imagine if you don’t take care of it, and in any circumstance, loose it. You would feel unhappy and would say “Oh!Non! I shouldn’t have been such careless!”

7. Thanking the organizers

Parents, teachers have always taught us to be thankful to all good doers. It would be ungratefulness to leave the place without thanking the First Lady and the team that made the colorful event happen. 

Some children were quoted sharing their thankful messages, and so were parents. It does not require you to have a microphone. You can even say a prayer in your heart and dedicate them to God Almighty, wish them well for the coming year.



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