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Musanze FC Withholds Players Salaries Until Football Returns

by Jacques Furaha
9:03 pm

Musanze FC

As coronavirus paralyzes the world, sports inclusive, all football activities in Rwanda have been suspended indefinitely to stem the dramatic spread of the virus.

Consequently, football clubs are facing a battle to pay salaries for their staff.

Musanze FC is one of the clubs that rely heavily on the district support to run their football activities. They were recently told by the district authorities that they will not receive any assistance amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Makuza Rutisereka Jean,the club’s Secretary General said that they had no other option than triggering the force majeure clause.

“This pandemic constitutes a force majeure event.We did not anticipate it and our main sponsor pulled out over coronavirus and we had to react by not giving the player the false hope.When the pandemic is over we will sit together with our staff and decide on the way forward,” Makuza said.

With the country still on lockdown, the future of Rwandan football is still unclear. Rwanda Football Federation (Ferwafa) has not decided on whether to complete the season or scrap it.

Meanwhile,clubs in the Rwandan top-tier football are struggling to pay their staff with many of them discussing scenarios to withhold pay for the staff as they wait for football’s fate amid the coronavirus outbreak

Ferwafa intends to complete the national football league, in which case, the football season which usually ends in July season, could expand beyond the summer. This could also affect struggling clubs because most players’ contracts expire before end of the season.